Was Nick Saban Kyle Ardoin’s “Jeremiah Wright”?

No, because he’d actually have to be you know…. involved somehow to actually be worth mentioning in a political race and not a man that brought that town out of the sports doldrums. From 2007:

Is it old news? Well yeah, but I just recently found this stupid video, and did a little research (plus I was lacking a topic of the day). This video was brought to you by the same campaign that sported these political signs. THE QUAD:

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One Response to “Was Nick Saban Kyle Ardoin’s “Jeremiah Wright”?”

  1. tmc1 Says:

    LSU keeps adding to the Nick Saban legacy.(No pun intended.)
    Nick Saban will never lose relevance as long as their are football fans in the state of louisana. I think Coach Saban may have to take out a restraining order against the State of Louisana. Because this is starting to look like he is being stalked….. This is just a creepy obsession……..

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