The Great Auburn What If…

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Today we bring you the first ever Fan Post, a series that should hopefully keep the summers months from seeming so dull. Our first guest blogger hails from Australia, a place not known for college football, but it’s pretty cool to get a post from way over there. I also did not know there was a town in Australia called “Traralgon”.

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Enjoy “The Great Auburn What If…”

There are moments throughout history when a simple decision to change policy would have made an unbelievable difference.

An example that comes to mind is Napolean’s foolish decision to make war on Russia during the winter time. Or Abraham Lincoln’s decision to run for president.

One day while I was reading through the history of the SEC, I noticed that Georgia Tech left the SEC in 1964 and joined the ACC in 1978. And at first I scratched my head and asked myself why? Why would Georgia Tech ever want to leave the prestige of the SEC and end up in the ACC? I put that question in the back of my head and occasionally thought about the positives for a few days….

Eventually it started to make some sense.

To begin with, It allowed Georgia Tech the opportunity to reinvent its image by seperating Georgia Tech from several hated rivalries, (including Auburn and Alabama.) It also seperated Georgia Tech and Georgia from directly competing against each other in the same conference (which greatly diminished a very venomous feud). And without all that hate to focus on Georgia Tech could go on with their lives and try to do something different (and maybe more positive).

For several years, Georgia Tech was out in the cold and wandering aimlessly. But while wandering through the wilderness, Georgia Tech found an identity that wasnt partially defined (or obscured) by the successes of the University of Georgia. These days, they recruit from the platform of the ACC, they are known more for their acadamia and less for their feuds with other schools. And once and for all they have escaped the stigma of being viewed as UGA’s little brother.

What if Auburn would have made the same choice to leave the SEC and eventually joined the ACC? Personally, I think Auburn would have more sucess to show for it…. What do you guys think? Would Auburn be a different program? And what do you think the difference would be?

Traralgon, vic. AU


10 Responses to “The Great Auburn What If…”

  1. SDBama78 Says:

    I think that is a good theory, and one to ponder. I also think that GT left the SEC in part, 1) Coach Bobby Dodd was thinking he would have more success in the ACC. 2) The fact he wouldn’t have to play “The Bear” anymore. 3)He would get out from under the shadow of UGA. Now, Coach Jordan on the other hand could have made that same conclusion but, I think he was under the impression that 2 D-1 college teams could co-exist in the same state/same conference. I think Coach Bryant had different thoughts and wanted pure domination of the state/conference. I think if Auburn had left the conference the Bama/AU feud would be about the same
    as the UGA/GT rivalry. Which today is not that big, but if GT had stayed it would have been more like ours. Reason being, you’re playing your rival every year, and they are in your race for the (west for us/east for GT). So, by all means I think AU would have benefited by moving to another conference. In a way, I’m glad they didn’t though. It always adds some good ol’ fashioned football rivalry and suspense for the west race year in and year out. Like they say, competition breeds champions. How well has the SEC done in the past at winning? Pretty good. Thanks Australia, good topic.

  2. TonyOrlando Says:

    Great job, tmc1. Had a feeling you were the fan from Oz. The Tide Nation is truly a worldwide tribe.

    Kudos to you too, TideDruid, on a great new feature.

    I think the most positive thing to come out of the Georgia Tech departure is a positive only for Auburn. Had the Ramblin’ Wreck not left the SEC, Auburn would never be able to catch up with Tech’s number of SEC titles. If memory serves (and I’m too lazy to Google), Tech is either tied, or has one more SEC title than Auburn, despite having left the SEC over 40 years ago.

  3. tmc1 Says:

    Very good points there SD…
    TonyOrlando, Ouch… ouwee…ouweee…..!(the 40 year smackdown…..) lol

  4. TideDruid Says:

    So tmc, I’m curious, are you an Alabama/USA native that moved to Australia or did you somehow pick up Alabama football from out there?

  5. tmc1 Says:

    I was born and raised in the USA, And I went to school in Alabama. Most of my father’s family still reside up in the Northwest corner of the state. My wife is an Ozzie and she is currently 6 and a half months pregnant (Due to the 18 hour flight across the ocean,and the outside chance she might deliver on the plane) we will be staying here (in Oz) until the baby is born.
    We have been here about 10 months this time……I get Football on espn, on satelite currently but I dont get as many games as I would like. And I can get live radio feeds on my computer if I cant get the game on TV. And the time difference over here is 15 hours ahead so it is usually early sunday morning when the tide plays….
    I have met quite a few people who know about the Crimson Tide.
    I love it over here and I have done a lot of cycling here,and some in New Zealand and in tasmania). It is a wonderful place to visit. (and live)

  6. SDBama78 Says:

    tmc1, sounds like you are from my neck of the woods. I was born and raised in North Central Bama(hell, i was so north it could have been Tenn.)lol I have been around the world and Oz is one place that I would love to see. The bad thing is we don’t have a lot of military there, so my chances are slim. Thanks for the post I really liked it. RTR!

  7. tmc1 Says:

    thanks sd
    south of Russellville.
    If you get the chance, you are welcomed to come stay with us…

  8. Kenny Says:

    It is an interesting point, but you are wrong on why GT left the SEC. GT left the SEC in major part because they could not keep up with the number of scholarships that were being handed out at the time. You should remember that this was before the 85 scholarship limit was put in place. Most SEC schools, including Alabama, were putting well over that number on scholarships. Teams were even using scholarships for other sports for football players.

    The GT administration decided that they could not meet those expectations and withdrew from the SEC. This ended up being the worse possible move for them. As everyone knows GT is in Atlanta, which, is predominantly SEC country (full disclosure I live in Atlanta). When GT left the SEC they left all of their natural rivalaries. This lead to the decline of GT football. It could be argued that at the time that GT football was almost as relevant as UGA football in the state. GT has actually tried to come back in the SEC a few times since then, but to no avail since neither Auburn or UGA want to let them back in.

    I think the move would have been even worse for Auburn. They also would be playing in predominantly SEC country. They would become even less relevant as people would almost certainly not care about a team playing in another confrence. It would also have diminished the rivalry between Alabama and Auburn.

  9. MoonDog Says:

    I personally don’t think Auburn would have enjoyed any more success had they joined the ACC. Considering their location, the recruiting base would have been the same. You can reasonably assume the War Eagles would have achieved the same level of success.

    Really enjoyed this.

    P.S. Here’s a thought for a series of posts. Let a fan of Auburn write something nice about the Tide (I know, that’s a tough one). Let a Tide fan write some about Auburn, a Vol fan, etc.

    Let me know.

  10. tmc1 Says:

    okay Moondog here is a try….
    Auburn always does a good job of comparing themselves to what Bama is doing…
    Will that one work?

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