Receiver Arrested for Public Drankin’

Sorry, those Fulmer Cup terms start to become a part of your vocab if you’re an SEC fan (it’s 1 point BTW).

Walk-On A.J. Walker was arrested for public intoxication ( the other night, and is currently being held for $300 bail. The 19 year old was arrested by UA police, and not much else is really being said.

I for one hate having players arrested, but I don’t think everyone needs to get up in arms about a public intoxication. Is it a dumb move on his part? Yes, but it’s not like he mugged two guys or anything (we’ve already experienced that). Besides, I’m sure he’ll benefit as a person from this somehow…

It worked out extremely well for this guy…… whoever he was is


One Response to “Receiver Arrested for Public Drankin’”

  1. MoonDog Says:

    All things considered, nothing major, as long as it doesn’t become a Britton Colquitt type situation. I
    ll probably get arrested for far worse than that between now and midnight.


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