Big Al Just Gained Some Cool Points

I think this is from 1998, because Al does the Diamond Cutter (WCW!) on this gator.

I doubt that is the official Florida mascot (notice the lack of quality in that mascot outfit). Speaking of, can anyone show me what the UF mascot looked like in 1998?


9 Responses to “Big Al Just Gained Some Cool Points”

  1. gerry dorsey Says:

    i’m rolling over here. i love mascot humor. by the way, don’t forget to mention that the clip started with a “goldberg spear.”

  2. Picture Me Rollin Says:

    I’m pretty sure that was ’98. That’s the year that they started “This is Alabama Football!” Florida has only played in Tuscaloosa twice since the mid 90’s (’98 & ’05) and by ’05 they had dropped the block style endzone lettering.
    That game, by the way, was one of the most-hyped I have ever seen the student section. That was my last year to sit in it and I was incredibly hung over – just like most of the rest of the section. It was an 11:30 game and we were all miserable – until they did the jumbotron clip with Bryant. That was only the second time it had been played and the place became frenzied in a matter of a few seconds. Alabama was coming off a dismantleing in Arkansas the week before and Florida whooped Alabama all day yet the Tide hung in there. If memory serves, Tim Bowens caught a pass late in the game that put Alabama in position to score the winning TD as time expired. On the next play, Zow threw an interception to Jevon Kearse. The bad thing was Bowens had to wait on the ball and fell as it got to him – had he caught it in stride Alabama would have won and we would have torn that place apart. As is it was though I sat in my seat with my head down as the student section emptied and my wife (of about five months) was smart enough to just leave me alone.
    Incidentally, I had my first op-ed piece published in the Crimson White, which was about the game, the week before.

  3. gerry dorsey Says:

    i didn’t realize all that jumbo tron info, but i was definitely in the student section for that game. i remember it being electric, and i remember andrew zow nearly pulling that game out of his ass. MAN!! those were some good times.

  4. TideDruid Says:

    I don’t remember what I was doing in 1998, but I do remember 1999 much better considering I was stuck in the middle of nowhere and had to listen by radio.

  5. bobbyjack Says:

    Good stuff… I vaguely remember a lot of cheering from the student section before the game and now I know why.

    If the guy under the Big Al costume was a real professional he would’ve finished off the Gator with a figure four and let out a big WHOOOOOOO!

  6. MoonDog Says:

    Bammers and GAYtors. What a world we live in. Clearly scripted. You do know that, right? I see the comments and know the people writing them are smart.

    I’ll be nice. This isn’t Losers With Socks after all.

  7. TideDruid Says:

    Yes, we Bama fans have enough sense to understand that wasn’t a random event. If it were, I imagine the gator would’ve put up more of a fight.

  8. gerry dorsey Says:

    tennessee rulz!!! thanks for another dynamite drop in moondog.

  9. moondogleft Says:

    Rules Gerry, RULES. I stir it up. That’s what I do. RTR.

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