A Wednesday Rant

Please indulge me as I rant through a keyboard.

We, as Alabama fans, have had to endure plenty of jabs from opposing fans over the years. Some may have been deserved at times, but there are those that seem too egregious to ignore.

The one I choose to focus on today is the myth that Alabama fans don’t have a connection with their school that Auburn fans claim to have, because- as it has been described to me by a few Auburn fans- a majority of Alabama fans have never attended their University. Through this message, many of the mean spirited AU fans imply that Alabama fans are “sidewalk alums” who don’t even have college degrees. This is total garbage and has been allowed to float around the radio airwaves too long without a fair rebuttal.

First of all, I would like to know what right has been given to these Auburn fans that allows them to determine who has and has not been to college, much less determine their worth as humans if they have not attended college. I’ve met plenty of people who have had great success in their college and professional careers, only to allow their inner being to rot by kicking ethics to the curb. Likewise, I’ve met plenty of people who work hard and haven’t had all of the benefits in life to go to college, and they have hearts of gold.

Am I to assume that even though the college grad is not the kind of person I want influencing my future children, he or she is worth more because they have a diploma? If that is the case, then somebody needs to inform Tommy Tuberville, because he may have made a big mistake in his 2008 recruiting class if all he looks for is a quality person.

Second, I would like to know how much different the level of connection a alumnus feels for their University compared to Auburn alumni. Isn’t every university special for their current and former students? And if not, then I would like to know why the “Auburn Experience” is so much better. Every time I’ve asked, I’ve gotten cookie cutter answers that usually involve “well, it’s hard to describe” or, “you wouldn’t understand. You just have to go there to get it.” To me, that is a tell-tell sign that you can’t identify any quality that makes your school better than the others, because deep down you know that everyone feels a deep sense of pride and connectivity with their alma mater.

Finally, let’s not forget that there are plenty of Auburn fans that do not have degrees from Auburn University. Are they of lesser value, even though they happen to cheer for the Tigers just like any Auburn graduate? No, because if that were the case, then a good portion of that stadium would fit into that category of sidewalk alumni. In fact, half of my family would be in that boat. Yes, I have plenty of relatives who are Auburn fans, and I find them to be just as useful any Auburn alumnus. They are intelligent, and worked hard to earn their college degrees from schools like Troy and other fine institutions.

Fans are fans, plain and simple. a Ph. D. does not give you an ability to cheer louder or anything else fans contribute during a game. Even “educated” people- much like the ones I discussed in this post- resort to childish emotions and name calling (see “sidewalk alums”) in the spirit of competition. A person should be judged by their actions and character.

Needless to say, I do not mean for this to be a blanket statement in regards to Auburn fans. We all know some good people who cheer for the orange and blue, and we appreciate them for who they are. But, there are always fans in every fan base who feel they must say anything necessary to gain an upper hand in the smack talk that dominates our sports society today. Sure, some smack is fun and brings excitement to sports. But there is a line, and way too many people feel the need to cross it time and time again.

In closing, I’d like to ask you to vote in my poll on the left-hand side of the page. There’s really no purpose for this poll other than to compliment this post, so have at it.


7 Responses to “A Wednesday Rant”

  1. chuck Says:

    Hey Druid,

    Love the postings. I hope you take the following opinion in a good way. I’m just a reader and you can do anything you want with your blog. So…

    I feel the Alabama blogosphere is turning into ESPN’s emotional – during the last few weeks and dry season of college sports. I know the emotional stuff is proven to get ratings- but it’s just that empty drone and filler.

    Again, this is as a ‘sidewalk alum’ from ole Tennessee- so do with it as you wish (Id love to find out more about the high school programs down in Mobile that are DI factories).


  2. tidefanintn Says:

    To be honest, I like the idea they perpetuate that only alums are fans of AU. Listening to radio callers, every time an Auburn fan calls in, it becomes more apparent I made the right choice for a college education. Not just going to Alabama, but in not going to Auburn. All programs have idiot fans, but if Auburn wants to say their university produced those idiots, they won’t find me in their way.

  3. MoonDog Says:

    I’ve been a little busy with my site redesign. Actually, LawVol has, not me. Anyway, nice post. I know two very intelligent men that graduated from Auburn, one played football and the other became an officer in the U.S. Navy.

    I’m not in a position to comment on “all” fans or those that attended, didn’t attend, graduated, didn’t graduate from either school. But this much I do know. Alabama and Auburn hate each other. When it gets right down to it, does it really matter if you attended the school you support?

    I never played for the Dallas Cowboys and I don’t live in Dallas. Does that mean I’m a sidewalk fan? Hell no.

    Nice scribble.

  4. TideDruid Says:

    Thanks for the comments guys

    BTW, I like these new…….things WordPress decided to use for people without avatars. It makes my comments bar seem so much more vibrant.

  5. Todd Says:

    As a UAB alum, I do feel a connection to UAB athletics that I really wouldn’t have felt otherwise (well, I did grow up in Birmingham, so I’ve always been a fan of Blazer basketball but not nearly as much as I have become since actually attending UAB), but ever since I was old enough to know what Alabama football was I’ve been ridiculously obsessed with it. I have no real love or concern for the University of Alabama because I have no real connection to it. But I do have a love and concern over Alabama football because it’s been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. My grandfather was a huge Alabama fan but he never went to college, nor did my father who is also a huge Alabama fan, and when it came time for me to choose a school I didn’t just blindly say “Alabama” because I root for the football team. I wanted to stay in Birmingham so I could live at home and work and pay my own tuition and that’s not something I could have done at Alabama. I probably had a much better college experience for making that decision since I never had to worry about being a broke ass college kid in Tuscaloosa, I was in Birmingham with my friends and a job that allowed me to travel all over during my college years and do all the crazy stuff one actually has the opportunity to do before an 8-5 (or 8, God help me) commitment to a career comes crashing down on you and you’re just too damn tired to really do anything else once you get home but watch TV, blog a little, and get in bed. So yeah, being told that my devotion to Crimson Tide football is somehow lacking because my diploma is Green and Gold because to say “if you’re such a fan of Alabama football, then you should have gone to Alabama” is to say “you should completely ignore your situation in life and make a decision that will profoundly effect it for the next four years” and to me that’s idiotic.

  6. TonyOrlando Says:

    Well, you inspired us.

    We were writing our response, and it went on longer than we expected (looking at you, Todd), so we just decided to post about it. Hats off to you on a great topic.

  7. tmc1 Says:

    This goes hand in hand with something I hear constantly about this guy or that guy being an “Auburn Man”
    Like that is supposed to be something distiguished. Before I lend credibility to this by rebutting it, Lets Break it down a little further…
    1. Since when did Aubbo Tech join the Ivy league? Last time I looked they were (still) struggling to show any modest form of relevance. But give them 6 wins over Bama and the 04 season and suddenly they have become the know-it-alls of college football.
    2. Since when has anyone from Auburn had credibility? They tell so many lies that they dont even know what the truth is anymore.
    3. Guys, there is a difference between being a Football Fan and being half witted rube who thinks that Tommy Tuberville will every deliver another championship to Auburn.
    4. Auburn fans actually believe that they’re program has fewer NCAA probations than Bama.
    5. Me, personally? I wouldnt hire anyone with an Auburn degree. And it is getting to the point were alot of people I know want either because they are nearly worthless. 6.Auburn is like the slacker who takes the easy way around things, and then expects others who have done the work to give them full respect and credit.
    7.Until they (Auburn) can expect more than 1 SEC championship in 15 years (from there coaches) why should anyone even care to care what they have to say?

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