Welcome to JSU Mr. Perrilloux

As you may have heard, Ryan Perrilloux has been kicked out of LSU. But, what you might not know is that Jacksonville State, located in Jacksonville, Alabama, has asked for permission to speak with the Perrilloux family.

So Ryan, although you might be the pariah of college football right now, it does appear that somebody is willing to talk to you about actually playing football. Since you might end up a Gamecock (let that sink in for a minute), let’s take a look at what JSU has to offer via their website and football program.

Their head coach is Jack Crowe, who, prior to coaching at JSU, was the head coach at the University of Arkansas. I’m sure by reading this, many different Hog fans out there had chills go down their spine as the remember his 9-15 record. But, Crowe has found success in the lower level of college football, and I’m sure your presence would have a huge impact as to their performances, since JSU lost a handful of close games the last few seasons.

As for the Gamecocks themselves, they’ve had a fair amount of success on the field, although they’ve gone 6-5 these past three seasons. They recently joined the OVC, which should interest you since you’ll get to visit plenty of new spots. But, don’t expect any SEC vengance since the conference record is 3-102-4 (victories against Ole Miss and Mississippi State).

If that isn’t enough for you, let’s take a look around campus through google images:


2 Responses to “Welcome to JSU Mr. Perrilloux”

  1. crimson daddy Says:

    That campus was obviously designed by freemasons. And now they’re wanting RP to play football there. Where’s Nicholas Cage when you need him?

  2. TideDruid Says:

    He’s too busy designing his life around Elvis.

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