I Want To Hear From You!

As you may be aware, we are in the part of the season where very little is accomplished in the world of college football. We’ve just finished spring practice, not too many recruits announce this time of year, and we’ve still got a long summer to go before fall camps start.

So, in the interest of trying to entertain everyone out there, I have decided to see if my readers would like anything new and creative for the summer so we’ll have something to discuss/ keep us busy.

Hopefully you see the poll at the bottom of this post (I’m using PollDaddy.com), so this shouldn’t be too difficult.

The choices are:

Fan Posts- Yes, if you write it, I will post it. Needless to say, I won’t accept spammers or anything of that nature. But I will accept honest fan opinion pieces. All you’d need to do it e-mail me (shown above). I love reader comments and feedback, so don’t feel nervous at all.

Book Reviews- I usually choose to read either faith based books or sports books over the summer, but I’d do mostly sporting books so I could continue this whole sports blogging…. thing without anybody worrying if I’ve gone off the reservation or not. I’d probably poll readers on what books I should read, and I’d probably do one per week/2 weeks depending on my schedule and the book.

Guest Bloggers- I’d find anybody who would be willing to post a weekly/monthly/whatever blog post in order to shake things up a bit. This would be slightly different from the fan pieces since I’d probably try to seek some people who are either better known or already bloggers themselves.

Blog Switch- Similar to the Guest Bloggers, except I would trade a post with another site. This would obviously have to be a blogger, unlike the GB. It would be like a parallel universe almost. WoOoOoO!!!!

Don’t Do Anything– If you don’t care for any of these options, or you like me the way I am, this is your option.

Also, I should add that if you have any other suggestions, either send me an e-mail or leave a comment. Also, if you can’t see or use the poll I’ve inserted, you can also e-mail or leave a comment. POLLING ENDS ON SUNDAY!!!!


4 Responses to “I Want To Hear From You!”

  1. MoonDog Says:

    Having guest bloggers or doing post swapping not only generates interest, it increases traffic to your site. I voted for guest bloggers but either would be cool.

  2. Picture Me Rollin Says:

    I like the guest blogger idea myself and would love to work on it with you.

  3. TonyOrlando Says:

    Been thinking of that sort of thing myself. You guys keep me in the loop…

  4. tmc1 Says:

    I would love to do a guest blog from time to time…

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