Druid Pictures

While everyone else is discussing Saban’s nifty way of legally recruiting players, I decided to enjoy the Quad on a beautiful spring day. Most of us get to see it during the football season, but rarely are a majority of Alabama fans exposed to it empty and green in the middle of spring…. you know, when the grass isn’t dead because of 90,000 people on top of it.

Click to see the pics!

Denny Chimes

“We’re fixing it” my butt….

CSI: Tuscaloosa

Hey Dr. Witt!

More of the Quad

The inflatable Big Al goes there, Kenny and Eli go here…

Can anyone tell me the significance of this mound?

The squirrels here are cool in how they let you get so close

I wanted to see if I could make all of the trees line up to look like one. This is also where I pay almost $200 to park for a year.

My shadow tells me what I might look like if I added 30 pounds. Heck, even at that weight Todd’s beefcakes for the ladies could never look this good.


5 Responses to “Druid Pictures”

  1. Picture Me Rollin Says:

    Great pics.
    Are you serious about the mound? Isn’t there a sign out there that tells of its significance? I know what it is I just didn’t want to come of as a smart-ass know-it-all.

  2. TideDruid Says:

    I know what it is, I just meant that as more of a quiz question.

  3. Picture Me Rollin Says:

    See, I came across as a smart-ass know-it-all. A lot of folks don’t seem to care about real history. It will be interesting to see the responses to the “quiz”.

  4. TideDruid Says:

    Nah, you didn’t.

    As for my random question, it shouldn’t be too difficult given the number of people who have shirts that say “Heritage, not hate”

  5. MoonDog Says:

    Hey, thanks for the link to my site. I’m currently redesigning and upgrading to WordPress. I’ll post a link back to you.

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