My Gosh, We’ve Sunk So Low….

A friend of mine sent me a link to the following:

Some thoughts:

  • I’m afraid of what a McCainiac actually does with their free time
  • What, Hill-Rod couldn’t afford another tear down her cheek?
  • Barack……………… that was the lamest thing I’ve ever heard. Seriously man, you’re making this dorky white guy feel uncomfortable.
  • McCain would’ve won my vote if he had done the following: A) Actually given us a better acting job. B) inserted a random Ric Flair “WOOO!” just before he body slammed Tim Russert through the nearest table.
  • Question for Hillary: Is that your toughest looking scarf?
  • Barack apparently changed his named to Bareck. I appreciate Senator McCain for informing us all.
  • Obama, I’ve given this a lot of thought…… that was STILL the lamest thing I’ve ever heard. You seem like the kind of guy to eat discount corn flakes in the morning in total silence, only to utter “Now for the bran muffin” once you finish your cereal.

One Response to “My Gosh, We’ve Sunk So Low….”

  1. gerry dorsey Says:

    i don’t know man…i kinda dig this…at least two-thirds of it.

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