Don’t Panic Alabama, The Bowl Returns!

Rejoice citizens of Alabama, for today is the day we finally learn the fate of our craptacular wonderful bowl game. The Bowl is returning (HT:!

Yes, thanks to the public outcry from…. uh, groups, the Papa John’s franchise has decided to support Legion Field and its surrounding areas. Thank goodness, because I was under the impression that absolutely no one wanted anything to do with this bowl.

Where would I ever get such an idea?

The annual match-up between C-USA and the Big East will probably continue to draw low numbers as it grows with time. Still, if ESPN regional is willing to burn spend its money for this event, I guess there isn’t much else to say in this matter.

There aren’t a ton of people outside of the Universities (just a guess) who know what is for, much less use it. It’s a nothing bowl with a .com title, which usually lowers the value of whatever it is associated with in the world of sports.


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