A-Day Thoughts

So the 2008 A-day is over, and the left sides of my legs are now burnt after a bright, sunny day (hello aloe!).

I only stayed for about 3 quarters or so since I didn’t want to blister (I did put on some sun screen, just not on my knees), so my thoughts and analysis will be somewhat limited. Here we go:

  • Greg McElroy started great, leading the White team to a quick touchdown, hitting Darius Hanks with the TD pass. Hanks is now wearing the #15, which may bring up some Freddie Millons comparisons since he had a very good performance against the 2nd team defense.
  • John Parker Wilson started slow, leading the Crimson team to a punting situation right out of the gate.
  • Nick Saban wore a suit again. w00t!
  • Speaking of Saban, he almost got his head taken off when John Parker went on a scramble. Wilson was sitting in the back field, struggling to find an open man. So, he ended up running around, causing the 2 or 3 guys after him to suddenly change direction. Unfortunately, Saban was right there, and ended up almost flat on his face. I think he got knocked around a bit, but stayed on his feet. I’m sure he said something that involved some %*!$&@#’s, and I hope there was a picture taken of this hysterical moment.
  • Terry Grant played well, winning the MVP honers after 1 TD catch and a nice collection of yardage. I hope this means he’ll have himself a good season in 2008.
  • I came away impressed with Earl Alexander, #82. He’s big, physical, and tough.
  • Having praised Hanks and Alexander, there were plenty of dropped passes throughout the day for our group of receivers. Hopefully this can be addressed with more practice, but that does have me slightly concerned.
  • As mentioned earlier, Wilson did not come out of the gates on fire. But, as time went on, he had himself a fairly good performance with 3 TD, 265 yards, and 1 Int. Of course, he did give us some flashes of last season, but I’m praying an improved O-line can solve these issues.
  • Alfred McCullough might just be an big time player when his time in Tuscaloosa is all said and done. He performed very well today, winning an award that I can’t remember the name of since there are so many of them.
  • Josh Chapman seems to be making some major strides to be a standout player in 2008. the radio broadcast said he was strong and quick, with a good build for the nose tackle position.
  • Moving back to offense, Mike McCoy quietly had himself a good day, racking up 101 yards on 6 catches. We really need some WRs to step up big time so our Freshmen won’t have all the pressure in the world on them. The more upper class leadership, the better off we’ll be in 2008.
  • The Offensive Line had good moments, and some not-so-good moments. I don’t know about you, but I am ready to start having a big time O-line. We’ve had to deal with inconsistency from this position for so long, it is really starting to bug me to death.
  • P.J. Fitzgerald was ok by his standards, which might not be saying very much. I’m also ready to start having a good Punter wearing Crimson.
  • Javier Arenas didn’t do a ton in returning since it was just two-hand touch, but I did see Jonathan Lowe and Marquis Maze get a few chances to show their stuff returning. Maze ended up doing something illegally in going out of bounds, leaving us with a penalty. I couldn’t see it, but it might of had something to with a fair catch call? If you had a better view, please inform us all. All I saw was Saban tell Maze what to do.
  • Maze also had himself a nice 40 yard TD catch, which might thrill some people seeing the #4 speeding down the field for a quick 6. Don’t label him a Prothro, but he should be an interesting player.
  • CLICK HERE for all of the final stats and scoring drives.

All in all, it was an OK day. Some good, some bad, and 78,000+ on hand to view it. We need some defensive depth for sure, and some sticky fingers for our receivers. Now all that is left to do is have one final practice, and start our long wait for fall practice to start. Have a great day everybody.


8 Responses to “A-Day Thoughts”

  1. 3rd Down H-Back Says:

    JPW scrable… LOL

    and Grant should have been running the ball all last season for the Tihd. I don’t think he even got one carry in the iron 6owl. What happened?

  2. TideDruid Says:

    He had a sports hernia if memory serves.

  3. gerry dorsey Says:

    correct druid. he had surgery in january to repair it.

  4. Capstone Report » A-Day photographs and reaction Says:

    […] What they are saying about A-Day All in all, it was an OK day. Some good, some bad, and 78,000+ on hand to view it. We need some defensive depth for sure, and some sticky fingers for our receivers. Now all that is left to do is have one final practice, and start our long wait for fall practice to start.— Tide Druid […]

  5. Clarence Says:

    I was very impressed with the play of walk-on freshman QB Thomas Darrah. He’s really going to be something. I’m surprised that we’re not hearing more about him.

  6. BamaNationdotnet Says:

    It wasn’t that hot. But the sun left a sunburn on my head for the ages.

    As far as the game was concerned, the most impressive thing I saw was some depth at QB. Darrah looked pretty good, as did McElroy.

    Defensive pressure was pretty good with McCullough making a great showing, he can probably beat out Greenwood for the starting DT spot.

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    […] actual well thought out thoughts about the scrimmage, check out: The Tide Druid, Roll Bama Roll, & Memphis Tider (who promises to have his thoughts up […]

  8. Pete Holiday Says:

    Maze caught the ball with one foot out of bounds, which resulted in a penalty for the kicking team, I believe.

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