A-Day is At Hand

Yes, the event that sent shock waves throughout the college football landscape is less than a day away. I’m currently sitting in the Bruno Library, and I can already see rows upon rows of portable toilets. You know it’s time for football when the smell of deodorant liquid and urinal cakes are floating through the air. Yes, I know, it excites me as well (the football that is………… shame on your nasty thoughts!).

Yes sir, nobody can out match the University of Alabama when it comes to filling up the stadium. Not a single school can….

OH HORSE HOCKEY! Oh well, we still have the national attendance record……. which is something that seems to help recruiting. Yes, other than getting a nice ego boost, Alabama has benefited from last year’s A-day attendance, something that I hope we can do in 2008 as well. We might not have 92,000+, but we should hopefully draw a big crowd. It’s free, the weather should be ok, and we have a new offensive coordinator to observe.

I’ll certainly be there, trying my best to move through the crowd in order to get a set before the scrimmage starts. I hope to see you there, as this might be the only chance I’d be willing to admit my true identity to all of you (well…….. not really.)

So be loud, be proud, and make the trip to Tuscaloosa if you can. See you Saturday!


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