Belichick In Tuscaloosa

Nick Saban’s annual coaching clinic is this week, playing host to a number of well known football guests. The list is provided by and Gentry Estes:

The Crimson Tide begins its annual coaching clinic Friday with an impressive list of speakers headlined by New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick. Festivities begin tomorrow morning with Virginia coach Al Groh. He will be followed in order by former Tide and NFL player Fernando Bryant, Patriots defensive coordinator Dean Pees.

Certainly an eye-catching list for local high school coaches. Belichick wasn’t supposed to speak until later in the clinic, but Bill isn’t used to being told what to do. He supposedly grabbed the white board from Saban and added his 2 cents during the first session. Take a look for yourself (Pictures provided by m1q32 on the Forum). Just click the picture to view:

clinic1.jpg clinic2.jpg

clinic3.jpg clinic4.jpg

A few observations:
1. Saban might be wearing Vineyard Vines (look for the tiny whale logo). That’s one of the new frat brands to wear, which means Saban shops at the only upscale clothing store in downtown Tuscaloosa. I also can’t help but think of the Urban Dictionary definition for said prep brand:

Vineyard Vines is a new clothing brand best known for its brightly colored polo shirts and colorful ribbon belts. It has not yet been tarnished by GDI’s, and it is not sold in department stores or malls. the logo is a really cool looking whale.

Preppy guy- should i wear my green or pink Vineyard Vines belt with this?
Girl- definetley the green on with the mermaids on it

2. Belichick appears to have dressed much nicer for a high school coaching clinic than this last Super Bowl. Odd guy…

3. Whoever got these pictures is a cool guy in my book.

4. Dean Pees….. heh.

5. Great timing on Al Groh’s part. He gets to escape the state of Virginia after an embarrassing arrest over the week. (


9 Responses to “Belichick In Tuscaloosa”

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  2. picturemerollin Says:

    I don’t feel worthy to be mentioned in the same line with you as a “bama blogger”. You’re really good at this and I just happen to have a blog that mentions Alabama on occasion. I think 3rd Down H-Back was just throwing me a bone. Oh and I am definitely a first-time commenter, long-time reader. Keep up the good work.
    Peace out.

  3. gerry dorsey Says:

    GDI fo’ life!!!

  4. gerry dorsey Says:

    i didn’t know what the hell mr. rollin’ was talking about at first…then i clicked on the link. old h-back and the rest of his boys over at lws are pretty…….special.

  5. Frat Star Says:

    Actually, per the Shirt Shop in Tuscaloosa, Saban isn’t getting his VV clothing from them. Atleast not the sweater he has been rocking with the “A” logo on the wrist. That came directly from VV.

  6. 3rd Down H-Back Says:

    Druid, great post. Due to work and just the slow CFB news I needed something for inspiration. I appreciate it.

    Re: Saban’s clothing, he’s getting his shit from his tailor in Miami, or Baton Rouge, or East Lansing.

  7. TideDruid Says:

    LOL. I’m glad I could provide people with something to use.

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