And We’re Back

Sorry I didn’t get to posting yesterday. I had to deal with my road “incident” most of the day, but things are looking up. My truck should be ok, although there will still be some damage, but all there is are a few minor external dings and a slightly bent panel that won’t affect the ride. The tires are actually still in one piece, they just kind of “popped” off.

So what mystifying post do I have for you today? Is it a fark? Do I have an opinion that needs to be expressed? No and no. Instead, I have a somewhat touching – or confusing- video regarding one man’s dream and the University of Tennessee. But in the end, man’s best friend knows what is best for everybody…… it’s instinctual you know.


2 Responses to “And We’re Back”

  1. will Says:

    Is this a Mentos ad?


  2. NashvilleTider Says:

    Hmmm…does that mean he’s not smart enough to get into the UT program so he becomes a Bama fan? This from Matt Anthony’s blog describing the video. I think the dudes just strange.

    Was Maggie making a general statement about her SEC preferences? Was she merely expressing displeasure at the collegiate atmosphere in general? Or, by reacting the way she did, was she invoking a higher calling that seems innately prevalent in all of us? Only the true film and art-house pundits will know for sure. You be the judge.

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