Roger Shultz Did Lose Something After All

Former Alabama football star Roger Shultz has lost over 127 lbs since joining “The Biggest Loser”. That’s an impressive amount of weight for a man once weighing 363 lbs. But, that’s not the only thing Roger has lost since joining the show.

Roger and Jacksonville State University have parted ways. Apparently, Roger’s long period of absence was just too much for JSU. It’s not like Roger didn’t tell them he was joining the show, or that they weren’t aware of the rules, but I guess this is just how life works sometimes. It’s unfortunate, but Shultz will end up on his feet again in no time I’m sure. He’s too likeable, and his fame is at an all time high in Alabama thanks to his reality show stardom.


One Response to “Roger Shultz Did Lose Something After All”

  1. tidefanintn Says:

    I’m sure this had nothing to do with the fact that they thought his exposure would bring good things to Jax State, yet he couldn’t stop saying “Roll Tide” on air. At least he’s been gracious in the whole thing.

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