In McElwain We Trust

Well, we really have no other option at this point. Jim McElwain came from Fresno State with a solid reputation as an Offensive Coordinator, which hopefully means Alabama might actually have a good offense for the first time in a long time. Well, I say might, because you really don’t want to start assumptions in March for the 2008 football season.

I’ve been told that we’re going to start mixing in the option, and that McElwain wants some more misdirection. But, let’s not forget that we’re still running close to 70% of the same plays we ran last year, which is Saban’s preferred offense. Plus, Joe Pendry is still around, although his affect on last year’s downfall has still yet to be determined.

So if you’re expecting a radical shift in offensive philosophy, don’t get your hopes up. I myself am cautiously optimistic, because I do believe McElwain will improve our current situation.

 One question I want to ask you, the loyal reader: What should we expect from our offense this year? I know it’s a rather vague question, but we do need to at least determine what expectations, if any, we should expect from this staff in 2008.



I really just wanted to incorporate this picture with something, so forgive the short post.


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