Spring Football Is Like A Warm Blanket

We Alabama fans love us some football. We’re born into it, and probably live shorter lives because of it. (4th & 14, but John Parker scrambles for a 2 yard loss. ARGGGH!)

The only problem with being a football obsessed state is that your desire for gridiron action is only met for about 4 months a year, meaning you’ve got a lot of extra time on your hands. What is one to do with the other 8 months? Yes, there is always recruiting, but that is usually done by February. This is where spring football comes into play.

Spring football temporarily covers that insecurity the CFB fan may feel. I liken it to early childhood, where everybody had that one special item that comforted them no matter the situation. The nightlight may have gone out, but you’ve got your wolverine onesie on with your security blanket by your side, so you know you won’t have to face whatever trouble may be out there. But, as I said, it is only temporary, so much like Mom yanking it from you one day in order to donate it to the Salvation Army, football will be leaving you once again.

McElwain wears a Batman onesie…. just a guess

 I know, there is somebody out there who may claim he or she can do without the constant football intake during the off-season. They are probably the same people who spend every evening reading the articles, looking at the practice photos, and contributing to the 20 page thread discussing who changed jersey numbers. These are the fans who don’t want to be called sports dorks, even though we all know what they truely are. It’s as if they’re that guy who claims he can go a round of basketball without his knee brace, only to hobble home begging for a bag of ice.

Why fight what we all know we want? We’ll all have to go without football eventually, so we might as well get as much as we possibly can to hold us over. So go ahead and read that other article about Fanuzzi being the next big thing, it’ll do you good in the long run.


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