WKU = Pure Gold

Wow…. what a day of basketball. If you’re a fan of upsets, then Friday was a good day for you. Of course, days such as yesterday are never good for hot streaks, as I missed 6 out of the 16 game after starting 15-1, but such is life.

I gotta give props to Al C. Hemist and his newly adopted team Butler as they laid down the law against South Alabama. I let my in-state homerism take over in that pick, hoping that a really bad loss in Mobile wouldn’t deter their NCAA efforts. Tennessee needs to stay on their toes if they want to move on to Charlotte, NC. Great story for such a young coach and a tough team.

But to me, the story of the day was Western Kentucky’s 101-99 OT win over Drake in Tampa/ St. Pete. That assist for the three pointer has to be one of the smartest moves I’ve seen in a long time, one that I doubt we’ll see the rest of the tournament. The shot was amazing, the effort was amazing (for both teams), and the entire day in Tampa was just amazing. I don’t know what you WKU fans did to deserve such a performance, but please keep doing it.

Big Red is pleased you brought the first born…

That might not end well….

As for Saturday, the best match-up appears to be Pittsburgh vs. Michigan State. Having said that, I think Marquette vs. Stanford and Kansas St. vs Wisconsin should also give you some fireworks. Michael Beasley and company can hit the boards with the best of them, and Wisconsin is an under-seeded team in my opinion.

Oh, and don’t forget Purdue vs. Xavier. I’ll be pulling for the Musketeers for a majority of this tournament since I have them going to the Elite Eight.

The only down side to all of this excitement is having to watch the SEC struggle to survive. Arkansas and Tennessee did win, but Georgia, Kentucky, and Vanderbilt all went down in unimpressive fashion (well, UGA wasn’t unimpressive considering how they got there, but they did fall apart). Hopefully 2009 will be our time to shine again one everyone get more experience.

So take it easy, plant yourself on the couch, and ignore the weeds outside as we prepare for another exciting day of basketball.


One Response to “WKU = Pure Gold”

  1. Al C Hemist Says:

    Yesterday, in Tampa my bracket was laid bare and bled to the edge of collapse. If I don’t win my office pool it’ll be because of what happend in Tampa.

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