One Big Ole Serving of Hoops

Today is the day where people curse themselves for going to work more than they usually do. Why? Because today….. March Madness kicks into high gear! It’s unfortunate that Alabama cannot participate this year, but those are the breaks I suppose.

I know what you’re wondering: What will TD do in order to keep up with the NCAA tournament while at work? I can only suggest one thing since this is actually our busy season *grumbles while typing this fact*. I plan on taking a fairly late lunch. This way, I can go home to eat while getting about a good hour of TV watching in before I have to start more paper pushing. Half a hot-pocket and a ham sandwich is worth it, dangit!

If you’re allowed a TV at work, you should be set. If you’re like me and the rest of America, you don’t have this option. So, I suggest those of you with MP3 players that have FM abilities to tune into the closest sports FM station that is actually going to broadcast the games. If you’re like me, you only get WJOX, which means you’ll have to listen to Lance and Ian have the following conversation:

Ian- So I was eating at [the Italian place they pimp that I choose not to remember] and dude….. the Chicken Parm- I call it Chicken Parm because it makes me sound cool- was so out of this world and cheesy…. mmmmm.

Lance- Speaking of cheesy, it’s time to start our hour of wasting time by playing cheesy movie trivia! The Last Starfighter is the movie, and the question is about the actor who played the game’s creator. What is his name, and what movie musical shot him to semi-stardom early in his big screen career?

Ian- I dunno man. I’d answer it, but then I might have to stop using my cool cat lingo…. or stop objectifying women, which would totally sink our show.

Lance- We do tend to depend on skin a little too often during the spring…

Sorry to insert a mini-tangent, I just had to express my feelings about this ridiculous waste of time during the post-season. I digress….

If you can’t find any way at all to catch a game during the daylight hours, then I have one thing that could help you. Drum roll please!….

My fail proof NCAA tournament bracket*!

Behold the bracket’s awesomeness! Enjoy the bracket’s luster! Bask in the bracket’s…… awesomeness…. again. (Click to view).


This bracket will absolutely predict how every game will turn out**, so you might as well leave the TV off unless your team wins it all. Sorry Kansas fans….. I wouldn’t watch the ending. It’s either my bracket or THIS METHOD.

* By fail proof, I mean that I’ll miss half of the first round winners.

** By predicting how every game will turn out, I really mean for you to never listen to my picks if money is involved. You’d be better off tossing your cash into a blender to see if it busts up into quarters.


3 Responses to “One Big Ole Serving of Hoops”

  1. Al C. Hemist Says:

    The Ian and Lance bit was like you transcribed a two minute segment of their show. Those guys get on my nerves.

  2. Capstone Report » Regaining relevance Says:

    […] Media laughs If you listen to the Roundtable in Birmingham, then you’ll appreciate this Tide Druid blog entry. […]

  3. TideDruid Says:

    BTW, I actually picked UNLV. The TSIB guys can vouch for me.

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