American Justice!

Watching the American justice system at work makes me feel oh so proud as an American citizen. Catch the passion folks!

In all seriousness, Rashad Johnson’s statement of “support” for the Tuscaloosa Police Department does seem a tad bit forced, but if I wanted some ticky tacky charges dropped, I might be willing to say something to that effect. Still, if the stories of the 4 different video cameras proving Rashad innocent are true, this does seem rather strange.

Some fans probably want to get angry at the Tuscaloosa administration for acting rather childish, and I can’t blame them. But, I would like to point out that Saban and the UA administration are seeking better relations with City Hall and the TPD, so I imagine they won’t get too bent out of shape over this release by Johnson and his lawyers. If Rashad has to release a minor statement of support for the TPD in order to keep pointless arrests from happening again, them I’m fine with it. God Bless the U.S.A.


One Response to “American Justice!”

  1. TonyOrlando Says:

    Our long national nightmare is over…

    Now, let’s all head to the Legacy. Drinks are on Rashad!

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