A Gottfried vs. Hobbs Comparison

Yep…. we’re 4-11 in SEC play, and have won ZERO games on the road. We gave up a 7 point halftime lead to end up losing by 6 points. Is it pathetic? Yes. Can our program ever get over it? That is another topic for another time.

Alabama fans have been screaming about how bad these last two years of Gottfried ball have been, and I can’t blame them any more. They’ve even resorted to comparing stats between Mark Gottfried and David Hobbs. Just for the sake of argument, let’s take a look at the last 2 seasons for Gottfried and Hobbs at Alabama. This information is provided by StatSheet.com:

Mark Gottfried


David Hobbs


Statistically, it is really starting to look worse than anything Hobbs did. Of course, I should mention that in my younger days, I didn’t watch much Alabama basketball until Gottfried arrived, so I don’t remember any of the ill feelings that developed during the Hobbs era. But, Hobbs was at least able to get a hand full of road wins and went 12-20 (better than 11-20), doing it all without Ronald Steele…. sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Just remember this juicy little fact: Hobbs went 4-12 on the road in the SEC, Gottfried has gone 1-15.

While your Gottfried rage is starting to build, I suggest you go check out what The Capstone Report has to say regarding Kevin Scarbinsky’s column in the Birmingham News. Cap does an excellent job as always, showing once again how my posts pale in comparison to his.

Like this, only Cap probably isn’t physically deformed

2 Responses to “A Gottfried vs. Hobbs Comparison”

  1. gerry dorsey Says:

    the road losses have been bothering me for years. the knack gottfried coached teams have for losing on the road (even during their good seasons) is freaking uncanny.

  2. finebammer Says:

    i normally agree with capstone but on this one he’s siding with the same people who screamed to keep shula.

    scarbinsky, mccarter, gattis, rappaport……run down the list, their jobs depend on access. if they write objective, critical columns about what’s going on down there they’ll get cut off. think i’m joking? think i’m crazy? just ask bill ellis. there’s no better friend of the basketball program than ellis. gottfried and his staff have quit speaking to him.

    you can’t trust what the “aleash” media – because they are on a leash – are saying on the matter. this is shula-deux.

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