A Fork In The Road

This is Tide Druid (me!)….


Once again, Alabama basketball failed to deliver on the road, resulting a lovely 4-10 SEC record for our Crimson Tide. I would say I’m angry, but my emotions regarding basketball are all but dead inside this shell of a blogger.

*knock knock!*

Oh great…..


Mark….. have a seat. *rubs eyes in stress relieving manner*. Look, we’ve had some amazing times together: the Elite Eight, Pettway’s layup against Florida, 7 in a row verses Auburn. But those things are in the past, as is your less than stellar SEC record and road record.

I’m not saying I never want to hang out again, I’m just saying that the days of Mark Gottfried wooing me with a simple 10-6 record in SEC play are no more. Besides, I’ve found myself a coach for the spring that has electricity oozing from his pores.

Who? Who is this “magical” coach of your’s?

Well, it’s….. what’s that noise?

*a slow rumble turns into a loud rush*



Yes Mark…. I’m a Sabanite now, always have been ever since he got to Tuscaloosa. But don’t get down, because I still want you around for at least another year or so.

We all still want a successful Basketball program. I want Alabama to be the top dog in the SEC, and your program plays a vital role in this goal. So don’t give up Mark, we’re just going to have to take a break from each other so you can finally realize that you need to do something different in order to turn this ship around.

Uh huh…. I see what’s going on here. You let Steele get to you. I can see it all clearly now, everyone has turned on me thanks to Steele. You won’t get the best of ole Mark, Ronald! I know you had something to do with that clock malfunction, and I’ll prove it!

Fine, do whatever you want Mark. I’m tired of your crap.




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