Back & Better Than Ever

We’ve hit the usual lull before spring practice, which means CFB bloggers everywhere are struggling for topics to rant about twice a day. This blog is in the same predicament, so I’ll be trying a few things just to get some creative juices flowing for the future. If you don’t like it, just let me know. After all, blogs are for the entertainment and enlightenment of the average fan.

I’ve decided it might be in my best interest to get some advertising going so I can make $13 per year off of this thing. But don’t worry, I won’t clutter up the site with banner after banner (you’d be surprised how many e-mails I get about that actually). Instead, I’ve decided to follow the lead of “30 Rock” on NBC:

Your future blog posts will probably resemble the following:

So I finally decided to check out a basketball game before the season ended. The results were about the same, but Mark Gottfried was looking mighty fly in his Hugo Boss, an outfit of class and quality. Dejected, I called a few friends on my Samsung cellular phone, hoping to meet the at the local Pizza Hut for a deep-dish with extra cheese. But, I decided I was too tired for that, and really just wanted to call it a night with my new Simmons Beauty Rest matress.

Yet while I was driving in my Toyota Camry, I got to hear Coach Gottfried’s post-game show on the radio. I know I haven’t been the biggest Gottfried fan of them all, but he really did make some interesting points: “We’ve been working hard, I promise you we have. Ronald has been working out, we’ve been drinking our Propel Fitness Water, the boys relax by playing on the X-box in the locker room, and I’ve been eating plenty of Bryan hot dogs in order to stay focused on our goals. We’ll get there soon, I promise you. Oh, and one more thing *cough cough* NIKE NIKE NIKE NIKE NIKE NIKE NIKE!” He really sold me at the end.

Hey, it’s either that or strategically placed spoofs for our corporate overlords.


Note: This post isn’t true, nor is it meant to knock the fine bloggers out there that do have ads on their sites.


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