Hog Tide

This is Tide Druid (me)….


I’m still no longer paying attention to Alabama basketball. But wait! Something arrived via the USPS.


It’s a great act of kindness from somebody, but the question is who?

Wait, who’s that at the door?


While I do love the taste of pork, I am a bit confused Coach. You’ve told me that you’d give your all in making this a championship program, but your work this year has caused me to start doubting you.

I promise you that it’s not my fault. In fact, we better not discuss this or else “HE” could show up….


Oh no! It appears that Coach Gottfried wasn’t lying….. it IS all Ronald Steele’s fault!

I told you Druid, it isn’t my fault. But don’t worry, I’ll do what I can to keep him from hurting this team against Ole Miss next weekend! The Arkansas game was a step in the right direction, and with next year’s class, we’ll be back in the thick of things. Roll Tide!

To Be Continued…..

3 Responses to “Hog Tide”

  1. crimson daddy Says:

    Don’t fall for it, TD. He’ll only end up hurting you again.

  2. Dave(not that one, the other one) Says:

    Yeah, i think we need to get you to a batter womens shelter. Just because Mark acts all nice now, and says he loves you and will never hurt you again, doesn’t mean he won’t. He won’t even mean to, but he really can’t help himself.

  3. TideDruid Says:

    Can I share a room with Paul Finebaum?

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