Saban’s Law

So, Saban made a few small announcements yesterday, which left the Alabama fan base wondering about really goes on behind closed doors in Tuscaloosa. Saban did what most people expected by kicking Elder off the team (although it was inevitable), but he did get rather emotional about Rashad Johnson:

“It is a problem. We cannot tolerate poor judgment.”

“Rashad Johnson is a fine person, one of the leaders in our peer group. He has affected more players on this team in a positive way. He’ a fine student, over a 3-point grade point average and I would be very pleased with my children had the character of Rashad. He put himself in a (bad) situation and got caught up in the middle.”

Rumors are floating around that the arrest had a certain racial twist to it. Heck, people on the Finebaum show were accusing the officers of being Auburn fans. I really don’t like it when people start to depend on two things: A) the race card, which is a standard in the world today, and B) blaming the police for the faults of others.

I doubt Saban would publicly accuse the cops of anything, so I’d rather just leave this race issue off of the list of topics of the week. After all, who wants to hear Paul Finebaum have a debate on race with Donnie from Tick Pecker, Alabama?

In other news, Prince Hall was suspended indefinitely for breaking team rules. Will he be off the team soon? Hard to say for sure, but Hall has been in trouble with Saban ever since Nick got to Tuscaloosa. It’s not a true Brian Cook cut, but it is somewhat close if you dissect it long enough. Hall has the ability, but he seems to be lacking the drive (a common theme in the modern era of Alabama football).

In the world of coaching, Kevin Steele is no longer the Defensive Coordinator…. by title. Instead, UGA alum Kirby Smart has been promoted to Defensive Coordinator. As for Steele, he is now the Defensive Head Coach and Assistant Head Coach (because finding ways to fit ‘A’ight’ into every conversation ever is a two man project!). Yes, Alabama will depend on a Tennessee alum to work in harmony with a Georgia grad.

Fear the Tennessee-Georgia marriage laced with Crimson

This probably explains why Steele never accepted that South Alabama job. Smart was rumored to be interviewing elsewhere for a DC job, so Saban did what he could to make both men happy to keep them around for maybe 2 years…. we’ll see. I imagine Steele will leave before Smart will, so we’ll at least have some consistency on the defensive side of the ball in that regard. Besides, it works out well for both parties. Smart gets to finally call plays on defense, and Steele gets to work the rust off of his head coaching abilities in working as the 2nd in command.

Finally, Time Davis replaces Geoff Collins in an administrative role. Davis coached for Pete Carroll as USC’s O-line coach for a few years before running to work with Saban in Miami. He stayed around for the Cameron administration, but it did very little for his career.

We’ll see how things work out. Luckily for us blog types, we get something to chew on for a day or two during an otherwise boring part of the year.

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3 Responses to “Saban’s Law”

  1. Joe Blow Says:

    Actually, Steele is not the “assistant head coach”. He’s the “associate head coach”…whatever the hell that is. I agree with you on why the title changed, which really equates to making more money.

  2. TideDruid Says:

    Good to have you back Joe.

  3. Joe Blow Says:

    Thanks much. Life has taken over for me lately, but I always have a little time to read. Keep up the good work!

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