Saban Will Press a Conference, Then Chug a Liter of Coke…

Sorry for such a strange title, but it’s late and I’m panicking because I’m still struggling in my mixture of working all day in an internship, then going to night classes….. I don’t recommend it.

So as you may have heard, we’ve had our 8th arrest in 13 to 14 months, which isn’t sitting well with Alabama fans. In response to the previous two arrests, Nick Saban has called a press conference for Tuesday (HT: Gentry Estes- Saban is not naive enough to assume that the fans will accept his usual public statements in discipline issues (not that he’s really ever naive), so I imagine he will have a clear and concise message for everyone to hear. Saban usually doesn’t like to dance around the issues -even the Miami “lie” wasn’t dancing around issues as much as it was side stepping- so I’m pretty sure we’ll figure out the direction of the program in terms of off the field discipline. He shouldn’t be caught off-guard like he was after that Capital One Bowl shocker against Iowa.

I just wanted another excuse to post this picture

Still, he has an opportunity to address some key issues face to face with the cameras in order to show a unified path for Alabama football. He must do this for the fans, the press, and future recruits (he always takes into account what his actions will do to recruiting). If he can successfully use this PC to turn the mood of Alabama fans, he should have relatively smooth sailing for spring drills.

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  1. gerry dorsey Says:

    “i don’t want a large farva…i want a liter of cola”

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