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Could all of this Jeremy Elder mess really be caused by a pellet gun? According to his legal counsel, Josh Swords, that is the case. From Paul Gattis of

— Elder received permission from the court to go home to College Park, Ga., to be with his family. Being released on bond requires special permission to leave the state, which was granted Tuesday.

— Swords said it was his understanding that Elder actually had a pellet gun during the incident, not a semi-automatic pistol that was listed in deposition filed Tuesday in Tuscaloosa County district court. (It’s not clear from the deposition if police have the gun in their possession or if that was simply the testimony of the two UA students who were the victims).

— Swords said it was his understanding that Elder had not been in trouble with the law before and that Elder is eligible to file for youthful offender status, which would seal the case file.

— Swords said he has no indication that the incident was a prank or hazing, which squelches a rumor that has been circulating.

— No court date has been set yet.

I doubt this will change any of the charges, considering it was still a “gun” with the intent to rob somebody. Elder should’ve known better, but I hope for him to stay out of jail if possible. He has no previous track record of legal troubles, so maybe it would just be for the best if he gets expelled from UA and goes home to Georgia to get his life back together.

One Response to “More On Elder”

  1. gorjus Says:

    As an aside–the attorney Josh Swords I know in Tuscaloosa is not only a good guy, he’s a former UA football player.

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