The Final Stretch

Although Mark Gottfried’s Alabama basketball squad has yet to achieve anything noteworthy on the basketball court (other than beating the two teams that are somehow worse than us), these next few games will have a great impact on his future in Tuscaloosa. The Ole Miss Rebels come to town, which should hopefully mean win for Alabama since them Rebs can’t seem to put it together on the road in conference. If we lose to the Rebels in TUSCALOOSA, then all hope will be lost. Gottfried’s squad shouldn’t be run out of town by Kennedy’s squad in Coleman (even though Kennedy is the better coach).

It’s do or die verses the Toddy’s

Gottfried really needs this game. The firing of John Brady has put the heat on Mark, and I imagine Kentucky’s pathetic effort last night won’t be helpful as well, considering we were the last time to play UK before their implosion. (11 points?! Really?!). Gottfried needs to at least get to about 6 wins if he wants to feel semi-comfortable about his job security.Why? Well, Gottfried just needs to avoid a total meltdown since Mal Moore probably doesn’t want to dish out $3 million for MG’s buyout. If Alabama fails in 2009, then all hope is lost for Mark Gottfried and his staff.

Not even Ashley Judd could find a positive in that Nashville debacle

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