The College Football Blog Awards: TD’s Ballot

I’m a big fan of voting for stuff: Presidential, State and Local, polls, you name it and I am there! So naturally I am going to exercise my right to vote since I have achieved the status of blogger amongst this series of tubes known as the “Inter-web”. I hope my vote makes a difference. Ok, so here we go….

Best ACC blogDanny Ford is god

Best Big East/Notre Dame blogCard Chronicle

Best Big Ten blog- The M Zone

Best Big Twelve blog- Corn Nation

Best Pac-10 blog- Building the Dam

Best SEC blog- Roll Bama Roll

Obviously, I am going to let my natural homer genes kick in and vote for an Alabama blog. Todd, Nico, and OTS all do an excellent job day in and day out. They mix humor and statistical opinion pieces better than any other blog out there today. Todd asked for help, and I am obliging.


Even in poor cut & paste pics, Todd needs your support

Let’s continue……

Best Non-BCS blog- Hawaii Football Blog

MNC (Mythical National Champion I assume)- The Wizard of Odds

Best National Blog- Everyday Should Be Saturday

The People’s Champ (I think everyone can vote)- Sunday Morning QB

Funniest Blog- Hey Jenny Slater

Best YouTube- Blake Mitchell Feels Like Dancin’, Dancin’ (EDSBS and Rocky Top Talk)

Best Post (Funniest)- Who’s Now: Tom Brady vs. Galactus (EDSBS)

Best Post (Analysis)- 2007: Pythagorean Wins Revisited (Roll Bama Roll)

Best Audio- CFB Weekly

Best Community- Everyday Should Be Saturday

Best New Blog- Barking Carnival

Best Looking Blog- Gate 21

Best Photoshop (this was tough)- Sparta Needs A Bigger Bottomless Pit (Mr. 2Cents)

Best Recurring Feature- Animated Blog Poll (Rocky Top Talk)

The Job Award- Corn Nation

Best MSM Blog-Spencer Hall

Best Analysis- Sunday Morning QB

Best Writing- Sunday Morning QB


2 Responses to “The College Football Blog Awards: TD’s Ballot”

  1. Chili Says:

    Thanks for your support, we sincerely appreciate it. Congrats on your recruiting haul from yesterday as well.

  2. Sailor Ripley Says:

    Much appreciated, TD. We’re still feeling our way through this whole blogosphere thing.

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