Saban Gets His Men

Obviously, most of the Alabama fan base was feeling pretty good about our current roster of commitments. But, I don’t think anybody expected Coach Saban and staff to pull in basically every single player left on our board that we needed (the Dareus bothers, Julio Jones, Jerrell Harris). So for the next day or so, we Alabama fans shall revile in our staff’s accomplishments, and then move on to either: A) screaming for Gottfried’s head, or B) Wondering when the first 2009 commit will occur. I won’t say too much about this top flight class after this post, but there are a few points of interest I would like to share with you:

  • Alabama signed 7 of the top 10 players in the state of Alabama, including every single player in the top 5. The other three signed for either Florida or Clemson. (
  • Alabama signed 15 players who were offered scholarships by Auburn (
  • Auburn signed 0 players who were offered scholarships by Alabama (
  • Alabama has 3 five stars, 19 four stars, and 8 three stars on
  • Alabama has 3 five stars, 17 four stars, and 10 three stars on

Do stars mean anything now? Of course not. What matters is getting as many of these recruits to Tuscaloosa as possible, which is looking pretty decent at this point. After that, you keep them out of trouble and coach the to success on the field. After all, the reason for recruiting is to bring in talent that fits into your coach’s ultimate plan. Hopefully, this class will become one of the most successful in the modern era of Alabama football.

For tomorrow, I am working on who I will support in the College Football Blogger Awards. I plan to offer them all my full support, and will openly campaign for them out of respect and possible boredom since basketball stinks and there is nothing else to talk about. Roll Tide everybody!


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