Super Tuesday for Alabama

So today is the big day if you’re running for President of the United States. Many different states, including the great state of Alabama, are heading to the polls to either follow popular opinion, or express their own opinion.

Pretend the last zero is an eight

I myself will make sure to vote, and I hope you do the same. Both the Birmingham News and the Tuscaloosa News have endorsed Barack Obama and John McCain, who seem to be building some steam as the primaries continue. Other players include Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton, Mike Huckabee, and even Ron Paul to a certain extent.

If I had to give you once piece of advice, I would tell you to vote for the candidate that shares your viewpoints the closest. Don’t vote because they dress nice and can spin a sentence well, vote for the one you think would be a good leader for America. I’m not a political activist, I won’t tell you what candidate to support, but I would like to see a good turnout if possible. Vote Alabama! Even Nick Saban has time for this sh*t.


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