Where In Alabama is Kevin Steele?


The Tuscaloosa News is reporting that Kevin Steele is expected to return to the Alabama program, which is good news. The Tuscaloosa News usually knows what it is talking about when it comes to these things, so don’t automatically question the story. This means there will be some continuity on the defensive side of the ball for Alabama, which is required if you are to win in the SEC. The rest of this post will stay up


There has been plenty of speculation about the future of Alabama Defensive Coordinator Kevin Steele. Will he take the DC job for Arkansas? Will he become the new head football coach at South Alabama? Nobody seems to know for sure based on the talk radio shows.

The Birmingham News is reporting that Kevin Steele is expected to stay on at Alabama (Ian Rapoport), while the Mobile Register seems to believe that Steele is still in the thick of things at USA (Gentry Estes and Kim Shugart). The Arkansas job seems to be a no show at this point, so I doubt we’ll be playing against Steele in the future .

Stay Kevin….. stay

Dan McCarney, the other candidate from South Florida, appears to have turned the job down. He is also being mentioned as a possible candidate to join Florida’s staff.

Honestly, I don’t think Alabama would miss Steele from a coaching aspect as much as we would a recruiting aspect. Steele was rated a top national recruiter while at Florida State, and he seems to be doing a great job for the Tide. This is Saban’s program, where he has total control of what goes on in every aspect of the program (the first time in a while an HC has had this at Alabama). Saban decides what defense we run, Steele coaches the players and calls the plays per Saban’s approval.

If I were to look at a Coordinating job at a BCS school verses a head coaching job at a start-up program, I would stick with the BCS school. Most major programs would look at the hot assistants before a coach at a struggling smaller school. It seems obvious that Steele wants another head coaching job (his stay at Baylor was a flop), so I suggest he sticks around. Besides, he has family just up the interstate near West Blocton, Alabama, (the reason he came to Tuscaloosa in the first place), so it would make the most sense for him in my opinion. But, I’m not Coach Steele, so we shall wait and see.


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