Hats Off Mr. Eli

Even though you’re an awkward guy that talks like he has a 10 pound tongue, I have to give you a ton of credit for that big drive towards the end. I don’t think I’ll ever be sure how you got out of that sack, but you made some big time plays towards the end of the game. Be on notice America, we SEC fans have yet another SEC QB to add to the Super Bowl winners list. If only we could get a Big 10 knock in somehow…. yes, this is where I would insert a fark of Tom Brady mocking the Big 10 if there were such a fark. Get on it somebody!

Alas, there is still something that will bug us forever regarding this huge upset. We’ll have to put up with Mercury Morris for another decade, who has already been quoted on ESPN multiple times. If only there were some way to get Alabama fans excited….

Julio Jones? In Tuscaloosa with a group of UA commits? He came on his own free will you say? Woo!

Yes, Julio came to Tuscaloosa for an unofficial. I’ve tried not to talk about recruiting too much before signing day, but this is interesting. Some “Julio!” chants were started, or at least I have been told that was what happened…. but don’t invest too much into small visits like this until it is all said and done. I fully expect the internet to break in the state of Alabama the moment he announce. Keep your fingers crossed I suppose.


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