OC Hire or Saban Spurned?

It appears that Fresno State has called a press conference regarding Jim McElwain showing interest in the Alabama Offensive Coordinator position. Gentry Estes of AL.com has the story.

This seems odd to me. Is Fresno calling PC because their Coordinator is leaving? It seems you would prefer a simple statement, so this concerns me slightly. If not McElwain, it’s McNulty or nothing I suppose.


6 Responses to “OC Hire or Saban Spurned?”

  1. tidefanintn Says:

    I’ve got a mild Crowton feeling. He apparently was in town later the same day. Considering it’s a Fresno State football holiday for the city, and McElwain will be present, I’m guessing he didn’t get the offer.

  2. TideDruid Says:

    Crowton would be an interesting hire for sure.
    Is that pure plane tracking, or something more?

  3. tidefanintn Says:

    Just basic, unsupported rumor-mongering, though I read it in the Fresno Bee so I’m guessing there’s a little more to it than some guy on an al.com message board. Plus, if Pat Hill is to be believed, there’s no way McElwain would reasonably turn down the job if it was offered. So I’m thinking the job was offered to someone, which would be McNulty, or if Crowton was in town, then him. And frankly, Crowton is largely wishful thinking on my part as I’m dying to see if Les Miles can trump last years signing day excitement.

  4. tidefanintn Says:

    Apparently I really am wrong. You do hold a press conference announcing your leaving the team minutes before the city-hosted festivities to celebrate your accomplishment. In any case, I think this is a solid hire. Now I just need Colin Cowherd to tell me what I really think about it.

  5. Sonny Says:

    What kind of offense does he run? The receiver and quarterback numbers look like he could run a spread.

  6. Daddio Says:

    He had better run something that the players we have on hand can be successful at. We have an option style QB and unless we go with another one we should not even be thinking spread or pro-style until we get the personnel to run them. 2007 was a year of trying to make players run a system that they didn’t fit!

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