Alabama 97 – Auburn 77

Big win since we were 0-4 in SEC play. To me, this proves a few things:

1. We should never have been run twice by Auburn last season seeing how we can dominate them with less experienced talent in 2008.

2. Steele’s injury isn’t as big an issue as certain folks wanted it to be.

3. We have enough talent to do well in conference play.

I know it is just basketball for a football state, but we need a quality basketball program in this state. If you want to be a top athletic program, you need more than one sport.

Gottfried and this team deserves a ton of credit for not letting things continue to slide, although there is no ignoring that 0-4 start. My only real complain was that we didn’t go for 100. 8-2 in the last 10 against AU.

Back to the way things should be on the hardwood.

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