Busy Day

This thing called a “job”…. yeah, it’s not very fun. Because of this, I will be fairly busy for most of the day. So, I guess I should leave you with a few interesting items I’ve seen throughout the week.

First off, if you have never heard of the College Football Blogger Awards, they are a blogger initiated award series for the best of the best in the world of blogging for college football. Todd from RollBamaRoll.com gives the best description, so I’ll just let you enjoy this wonderful LIIIIIIIIIIINK!!!! I highly doubt I’ll even be nominated, but I really don’t do this for any high praise. I just do it because I wanted an outlet for my thoughts (mostly sports, but there are other things I choose to discuss). Still, there are many fine bloggers out there who provide us with great information, opinion, and humor every day. Show them your support.

Some of the people I will support include: Best SEC blog: Roll Bama Roll (guys have made skillzzzz), Best Community: Third Saturday in Blogtober (they have about 20,000 different writers, and only one is a UGA fan), The Job Award: Corn Nation (Husker fans were seriously depressed this year), Best photoshop: Tiger Smack’s Hillary Clinton picture (I crack up every time I see this). Feel free to vote once every 24 hours.

Speaking of blogs, there are two new blogs worth supporting: The Red Elephants and DBH Dance Party. Red Elephants is by somebody called “55”. This number was very nice for linking to me, so I figured I should return the favor. Next, DBH is run by Will Heath, an journalist who has actually been linked on here for a few months with his old blog. I guess he decided to go all “main stream” by picking one of the two bigger free blog providers. I honestly had no idea he suffered from twinkle toes.

Ok, so there has been plenty of discussion and gossip about the offensive coordinator position at Alabama. Honestly, I’m getting the feeling that Saban is really trying to talk to as many different people as possible. I understand that he’s not an easy guy to work for, so I’m pretty sure he won’t just go call the top 3 OCs in the country and land one. He likes to find up and comers, or people who could be great but have yet to coach Division-I football, so I’m sure he’ll take a while.

Speaking Saban, he apparently had a run in with Mike Shula at the Senior Bowl the other day. Nick made a stop to watch the Alabama players in-between recruiting stops, and it seems that they were actually able to stand in the same space without some sort of vortex opening up….. good times were not had by all. Ian Rapoport gives us the skinny.

That’s all for now. Stay sane!


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