OC Search Taking Shape

Well, other than an article on Michigan’s QB coach Scot Loeffler, there really has been very little news coming out of Tuscaloosa. However, we are starting to get a few hints as to who Coach Saban has been looking at. Currently, one has asked to be left off of the list, while the other has said he’s never been contacted at all….. the first is Louisville OC Jeff Brohm, and the other is Ga. Southern head coach Chris Hatcher. I would’ve prefered Hatcher over an unproven Brohm, but it is what it is… right?

So that leaves us wondering who is still on the board. Since the New York Giants have beaten the Green Bay Packers, the Packers QB coach Tom Clements is now available for a phone call…. if he doesn’t lose his face to frostbite. You may remember him as the Notre Dame QB that lead that game winning drive against Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. I’m willing to forgive him for that if he comes to Tuscaloosa.

I think his crazy head of hair would fit in at the Mal M. Moore Athletic Building

After Clements, there is news of current Nebraska OC Shawn Watson (Ian Rapoport -Birmingham News) emerging as a candidate. Watson was also Colorado’s OC from 2000-2005. Yes, the Huskers went 5-7 this season, but their main problems have been on defense. Nebraska actually scored over 400 points this past season, although I’m under the impression that Callahan was the one calling a majority of the plays. We’ll see how much buzz is generated by his name being mentioned.

He too has the hair…

Next, we have TCU Offensive Coordinator Mike Schultz. I’m hoping we can hire somebody better than Schultz, since his offense last season was less that stellar.

For some reason, and I’m not sure why, LSU Offensive Coordinator Gary Crowton’s name keeps coming up. Gentry Estes from the Mobile Register leads us to believe that he’s somewhat interested in the job, although I think he’s really just trying to put some feelers out in case something strange starts to happen under Les Miles. Better safe than sorry right?

Maybe we could stick a toupee on him? WHERE’S KARL MALONE!?

I know some will read about Crowton and automatically spout “why would he leave?! You’re crazy!” Just remember this, things are not always as they seem in SEC football politics. People thought Will Muschamp would be crazy to leave an talented Auburn defense, but he bolted quickly after the Peach Chick-Fil-A Bowl. Crowton leaving LSU wouldn’t shock me, nor would Crowton staying in LSU.

Finally, the name Bryan Harsin from Bosie State is being mentioned. He turned down Alabama last year, so I doubt he changes his mind.

Personally, I would hire Clements with Loeffler as the QB coach. If not, then I guess I would prefer either Crowton (something tells me he won’t be the guy) or Watson (something seems strange about him).


2 Responses to “OC Search Taking Shape”

  1. mitchtide Says:

    I might be mistaken, but I don’t think there is room to hire an OC AND a QB coach. I think there’s just one opening. Two are gone and one has been hired, leaving one opening.

  2. crimson daddy Says:

    Correct, mitch. Unless there is some “shuffling” that goes on.

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