Do you know what this Offensive Coordinator search is starting to remind me of?

Yes, the strange movie titled “Cloverfield”. If you saw the original preview, you only got a very bare bones intro with the Statue of Liberty’s head flying through the air after learning that the main character is moving to Japan for whatever reason. Of course, the natural reaction wasn’t about the guy leaving, it was about what creature or monster was attacking the city. Some people think it was Godzilla, while others felt that it is in fact a new creation.

Most people seem to have their own opinions as to why Major Applewhite has ended up in Austin, Texas. However, the real topic burning up the message boards is about who will replace Major as Offensive Coordinator at Alabama. Much like this movie, people have their own rumors and “sources”, but nothing concrete has been released. There has been scuttlebutt about an older OC (Joe Pendry) taking full control, but most fans want new blood.

What will happen? I have no clue, but I will promise you that I and my fellow bloggers will search high and low until we find definite proof of this new OC….. until lunch time, because a guy has to eat to stay healthy. But after that, I am totally going to start searching again…. during my break time, because I’m interning and my bosses would be unhappy. But after work, I’m going to really start my in depth investigation… for 30 minutes before I meet my buddies and go to see Cloverfield.

I guess I should say I’ll know when you know. Roll Tide!


One Response to “Cloverfield”

  1. Jason Says:

    I didn’t get a chance to catch the 12am showing of “Cloverfield” last night, but am anticipating to see it tonight. I’ve been looking up perhaps anything and everything on the film since I’ve heard of it .. I definitely cannot wait.

    Found an interesting article/clip montage on Maxim on “Cloverfield” and other movies that use the symbolic Statue of Liberty as a symbol of destruction of America.. and if you think about it, it really is pretty interesting.

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