What is up… Chan?

Think you could handle some Gailey ball in T-town? As long as it is solely as an OC, I think I could deal with it. Just never, ever hire him for a head coaching job.

The rumors include Chan Gailey, Jeff Brohm (Louisville), Norm Chow (I doubt it), Chris Hatcher (Ga. Southern HC), Tom Clements (Green Bay Packers). Heck, even Gary Crowton’s name is being mentioned, but who knows what’ll happen. As long as we avoid Bobby Williams and Joe Pendry, I’ll be ok with whoever it is…. at least after a while.

I also would like to wish Major Applewhite good luck in Austin. I think he’ll be a hot commodity in a few years, but has yet to really settle in on what he wants to do. I think his depature is a mixture of both Applewhite and Saban unhappy with the other. Applewhite wanted to be the only OC, but Saban had other plans. When it came to his satisfaction with Applewhite’s play calling, you could tell Saban was less than thrilled.

Of course, it still comes down to somebody Saban feels is strong enough as a coach and a person. I doubt this will be Pendry, who was hired well before Applewhite, but never got full OC duties. I think Saban may move Pendry to O-line only, and will hire 1 Coordinator.

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2 Responses to “What is up… Chan?”

  1. Kenny Says:

    I would also like to look at Chip Kelly from Oregon. I really enjoy the system he was running this year, and I think he would be a great hire.

  2. Erik Says:

    Chris Hatcher is sooo not coming to be anybody’s Offensive Coordinator. He’s a great head coach with a bright future and he will soon be a head coach at a major D-I program.

    Also, Saban’s gonna have a tough time with those older, experienced coaches…They’re not going to put up with his shit. There’s a reason he seems to prefer young “up and comers.”

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