Please, No Pendry!

I don’t know how much clearer I can make this, but we Alabama fans do not want Joe Pendry as our Offensive Coordinator….. period!

Yet, it seems that there is a stronger than previously realized possibility that Joe could get the job to himself if the Tuscaloosa News is correct:

Although Alabama had no official comment regarding Applewhite’s departure, there’s a strong possibility that the Crimson Tide may not hire a new offensive coordinator, and instead hand the duties full-time to assistant head coach of offense/offensive line coach Joe Pendry, who handled the game-planning responsibilities this past season.

If so, the Crimson Tide would likely look either add a quarterbacks coach, or re-assign someone to that spot.

He’s not a good play caller….. heck, he doesn’t even know the definition of exciting! We saw how badly our offense did during the 2nd half of the season, and part of that can be placed on Pendry’s gameplanning. Yes, Applewhite called the plays, but Pendry led the weekly prep for the offense, which was less than impressive at times.

The face of doom?

If he is promoted to full-time OC, and Cignetti is moved to QB coach (I’m fine with Cignetti moving), then there will be almost no excitement for the coming season from this blog because we’ll be taking one step back as an offensive ball club.

People may want to think that Applewhite leaving isn’t a big deal. Well, it will become a huge deal if Pendry lands the OC position. I’m almost officially depressed right now…


11 Responses to “Please, No Pendry!”

  1. tidefanintn Says:

    Surely that’s just pure random speculation. Saban may not care that much about the offense, but he has to recognize that play-calling wasn’t the only problem on offense. And surely if he thought Pendry could be an OC, he would have given him the title last year. I have to believe this. I have to. The alternative is too grim and unrepresentative of a merciful God.

  2. Capstone Report » Deep breath time Says:

    […] best Alabama bloggers here and here are almost unanimously opposed to “NFL minded, risk averse play caller(s).” Advertisement: […]

  3. Joel Says:

    I have personally seen a Joe Pendry offense firsthand living here in Hell…Houston. I will give him half of a pass, because he did have David Carr as QB. But with that being said, I wouldn’t wish his play calling on ANYONE, even if it is the University of Alabama. I will pray for you that you get a decent OC…

  4. tidefanintn Says:

    How is this post two days old and yet not one single reference to Gollum?

  5. RollTideDC Says:

    Pendry before Tide: He coached in the NFL for 19 years and made the playoffs like 13 or 14 times. The last time a team in the NFL had two 1000 yard rushers on the same team was the Cleveland Browns in 1985. The OC? Joe Pendry.

    Applewhite before Tide: He had a good year at rice.

    Yeah, Pendry don’t know nuttin’.

  6. Joel Says:

    You mean the Cleveland Browns from ’85??? Oh yeah, one of those 1,000 yard rushers had fumbling problems. I guess he could not teach Earnest Byner to hold on to the ball so that Elway couldn’t make “The Drive”…

    He couldn’t develop Rob Johnson in Buffalo either, and he has been more OL coach than OC. I think Alabama could do better…

  7. tidefanintn Says:

    I think Alabama could do better, but I’m actually coming around to the possibility of Pendry. Not excited about it, but I’m not shotgunning Pepto at the possibility, either.

  8. RollTideDC Says:

    Joel – You need to check your facts. You are mixing up your Browns teams, for one. 1985 was neither the year of The Drive (1986) nor The Fumble (1987). And I doubt that many OCs are coaching their RBs on how not to fumble, anyway.

    As far as developing Johnson…you might have seen the recent profile of Flutie on ESPN where he said the decision to start Johnson over Flutie came from ownership and not the coaches. He basically said he had the most fun of his career playing for Pendry. And I don’t think any coach could have developed Johnson ‘cuz he sucked.

    Lastly, if you look up Pendry’s years in college and pros, he has spent the majority of his career as an OC (about 18 years). He was only a line coach at Pitt in the late 1970s (coached Russ Grimm and Mark May – they turned out OK) and then for one year at the Redskins (Chris Samuel’s first year as an all-pro and the year when I first noticed Pendry was pretty good) then two years in Houston before the Tide.

    I am not saying I want Pendry for OC. He’s older (I think over 60) and may not have the spit and vinegar he once did, and I think we need that. I just think saying he doesn’t know what the he** he is talking about is overstating things by a lot. People like to go with a gut instinct sometimes and say “he’s an idiot” about coaches without knowing about a guy’s career. That bugs me.

  9. Joel Says:

    I am not saying he is an idiot. He must not be if he keeps getting coaching gigs. However, his time coaching the Texans (I was unfortunate to have to live here for this sorry franchise) was not great at all. He was the O Line coach that sacked David Carr more than the checker at Kroger’s. Then he stepped in to become OC when Chris Palmer was fired. Granted, it was midseason, but I and all of these sorry Texans fans didn’t see any progress at all.

    Pendry has forgotten more football than we will probably know, but a school like Alabama can do better, and not make any rush decisions on who is hired as OC. There are plenty of talented guys out there, and the wrong decision could put make the Tide try to fit a square peg in a round hole (see Auburn circa 2008 football season)…

  10. Daddio Says:

    Decisions being made today will affect the tenure of this coaching staff. Big boosters paid the difference in the big salary paid to CNS. If we get mediocrity and no improvement, those folks will not be patient long and they have skin in the game. Fans don’t matter as much in this one, besides they will cover seats anyway and just complain. First sign of trouble will be Mal will step down. then look for the sparks to fly for the staff.

  11. Daddio Says:

    This coaching staff is trying to run schemes that don’t fit the personnel we have at present. JPW is a roll-out option kind of guy and they are trying to use him as a pure pocket passer. He doesn’t check down nor read well and never will. The staff either doesn’t recognize this or is too stubborn to change. I will be shocked if CNS doesn’t start him next year since he will be a senior and that is CNS’s history with his seniors. When at swamp tech, he would have ridden Josh Booty into the ground had he not gotten hurt and CNS been forced to put in Rohan Davie who ended up winning more games for him. I worry about next season because of how we are going to handle the Offence.

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