If Major Leaves….

So, Major Applewhite might just miss Austin, Texas a little too much for Alabama’s liking, which means we might be out of on Offensive Coordinator by the end of the week. If that does indeed happen, I think it would be a positive to immediately hire a new OC as soon as we possibly can (after gathering enough info, figuring who is interested, and etc.). Yes, I know it is premature, but you have to have a list of some sort for whatever reason.

My list will be a mixture of who I would like to see, who would be funny to hire, and who might actually be a real candidate (whether they are good or bad). Please click their names for either pictures or profiles. Tell me what you think, and who you would like to see wearing Crimson if Major drops the hammer. Here we go:

Joe Pendry

I think this would really hinder Alabama more than help us. Sure, Joe has experience, and is a capable O-line coach. I know he was the Co-OC, but I really don’t think he was as helpful as people may want to think. Granted, his last stop was the Texans, but his coaching there was not impressive. Sorry Joe, keep on coaching those eligible linemen.

Bobby Williams

Again, not a fantastic option in my opinion. The guy can produce Running Backs (T.J. Duckett is the best example), but that is about it. His stay in Michigan State was awful, where he totally lost his players after a 49-3 beat down in Ann Arbor. Good position coach, iffy OC in the SEC.

Dave Christensen

The current Offensive Coordinator of Missouri, Christensen helped Chase Daniel to develop into a Heisman finalist the year after losing another great QB in Brad Smith (similar to Star Jackson maybe?). Christensen has 7 years of experience in a BCS conference, and is still relatively young for coaching football. Plus, he knows how to recruit the Arkansas area. Of course, it would be tough to turn down looking good for one more year under Chase Daniel. I think this would be a good hire.

John Morton

A bit of a risk experience wise, but he had a pretty successful year as the “Passing Game Coordinator” for Southern Cal (whatever that officially means). I doubt his name will be seriously mentioned since he is a lower level assistant from that eerie west coast, but he’s been to the Super Bowl as an assistant, and did a fine job in New Orleans in 2006. Still, that lack of experience might be an issue.

Dana Holgorsen

I know, I know…. you wonder why I would pick the Texas Tech OC when Mike Leach calls the plays? Because I think he could do a good job in calling plays as well obviously. He would certainly need to beef up his running plays since Tech is a stoppable team (see Cotton Bowl-2005). Still, they can make the most average QB look like gold, which is something we could use…. or at least want.

Al Borges

The karma is all that interests me in Al. Auburn already knows his playbook inside and out (whether they followed it or not is another story), so he really wouldn’t be a smart hire. Still, karma always seems to bite us in the butt, so why not try and make it work for us? This is a joke suggestion… although it would be fun to have an Coordinator named Big Al.

Cam Cameron

Ah heck, why not? Sure, he went 1-15. Sure, he only got the Miami job because of Tomlinson. But, he is a solid play caller who could use a job. The only problem he would have is either A) Getting over his ego as he works for the guy he replaced. B) Actually having some credibility while recruiting after leading the Dolphins to the worst season in their storied history. Probably not an exciting hire, but a respectable one. Besides, he got Frerotte to the Pro Bowl, and developed Antwaan Randle El. Just don’t hire him as a Head Coach.

Don Treadwell

An OC at Michigan State who has 23 years of experience. Treadwell was able to get this group to score 450 points his first season, which is impressive. It is worth mentioning that he was MSU’s OC under Bobby Williams from 2000-2002, which didn’t go as well record wise. Still, Treadwell has developed other teams into winners away from coaching under Williams, why can’t that continue?


2 Responses to “If Major Leaves….”

  1. CapstoneGrad06 Says:

    I really like the idea of Dave Christensen from Mizzou. His offenses have always been pretty good at UM, and Toledo before that. One just has to look at the 2007 season in Columbia to see what his offense can do when all the pieces are put together. Cam Cameron is another intriguing prospect. His offenses at San Diego were great, but with LT and Phillip Rivers to work with, it explains why. I also remember him at Indiana, and running some pretty wild stuff with Antwan Randel-El. I’m not too sure of the others, but I know Saban has a list of guys just for this type of situation.

  2. CrimsonG Says:

    I really like Dave Christensen. The youth is a great asset but also the balance of the offense at Mizzou was great this past year. If he comes to Bama he will have a great freshman class that Coach Saban is bringing in to work with. That brings up another fact of how good is he at recruiting? Recruiting in Arkansas is great but we need throughout the south. Major Applewhite was really liked a lot by high school coaches in Texas and he was great with recruits this past year. I hope the next offensive coordinator has the same enthusiasm and character as Coach Saban and Major Applewhite. We will need more recruiting classes like this to win another National Title.

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