SEC Power Poll: Final Edition

1. LSU

In a season that never made any sense, it seems only fitting that Les Miles would win the National Championship. Hats off to you Tigahs.

2. Georgia

Mahalo nui loa Georgia for hushing the Hawaii lovers out there. You’ll probably be the pre-season SEC favorites for 2008.

3. Auburn

Good offensive job in the 2nd half, which netted a total of 14 points in a tough defensive battle. Too bad Muschamp took his chicken sandwich and went to Austin.

4. Tennessee

What’s better than beating a drunk Big 10 school? Beating the drunkest Big 10 school.

5. Florida

There’s a reason why people only talk about Tebow and Harvin when it comes to the Gators. That defense needs some experience and work.

6. Mississippi State

I commend you for winning, but that was such a boring game so I turned it off halfway through the 4th.

7. Kentucky

They beat FSU like we thought they would, but they sure did let them stick around for a long, long time. How will Kentucky handle 2008 with no Woodson?

8. Alabama

Glad to win our final game against Colorado. What’s the difference between John Parker Wilson and Ralphie the Buffalo? One is a head strong behemoth that never lets its limited physical abilities keep it from running, and the other one is a Buffalo.

9. Arkansas

I appreciate you taking some heat off of Nick Saban, Mr. Petrino. Now, for your next trick, make McFadden and Jones stick around while turning Casey Dick into the next………………. uh….. Doug Flutie? Just a shot in the dark, because I don’t follow Casey Dick at all. I imagine he isn’t mobile though, which makes the Flutie comment funny, right?

10. South Carolina

I hear Andrew Sorenson retired. Now you know how we felt when you hired him away….. JOYFUL!

11. Vanderbilt

What is there to say about Vandy at this point? They didn’t make a bowl game, Johnson appears to be sticking around, and I expect they’ll be in the same situation next season.

12. Ole Miss

Glad to see Nutt sticking around in the SEC. I’m sure Ole Miss will improve dramatically since the players will be able to understand what Houston is actually saying.


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