Gators Come To Tuscaloosa

It’s Florida @ Alabama later today as the Tide starts off SEC play for the 2007-2008 basketball season. How will post-caveman Florida show up for their first SEC road game? Can Alabama actually fill up a majority of the arena in order to make it difficult for Florida?  One thing is for sure, Alabama must be mentally prepared if we are to win this game.

Sure, we’re a slight favorite since the Gators are inexperienced coming into Tuscaloosa, but I really feel like an Alabama win might actually be an upset considering how bad we’ve looked a few days ago. We really need this game if we are to have a respectable year in my mind, because I have a feeling things could go downhill quickly if we fall on our faces yet again. If things do go downhill, Coach Gottfried will suffer the most.

I really do like you Mark, I promise you I do. I want only good things for you and this team. But, I cannot just sit by and ignore how poorly our team is performing. I understand Steele is hurt, and I am willing to accept that this team certainly isn’t a top tier team right now. That’s fine, I promise you. I just want to see a strong effort from this team. Do whatever it takes to get these guys to actually give a respectable effort. Scream, cry, dance, do whatever! Heck, you could lace ’em up and go after the guys yourself if it helps.

Seriously, I’d be ok with it.

Please, don’t make me have to even think about firing you, because I really don’t think we should. Of course, if we’re still spinning our wheels next season, I may have to.


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