LSU vs. Ohio State

All week long, we’ve had to hear about the poor, poor Big 10 suffering from stereotypes about how slow these midwestern teams are compared to that SEC speed. We’ve heard whiners, complainers, and Kirk Herbstreit (he’s complained and whined enough to earn his own category).

Well boo-hoo baby buckeyes. Try living with a stereotype your entire life, then give me a call. Admit it, some of you have made Cajun and southern jokes these past two seasons, only to see your team rack up an 0-8 record against SEC teams…. and you’ve only had to deal with this “SEC Speed” stuff for 1 year!

In fact, it has been so rough for you, half of the sports personalities seem to be picking you because they all feel that you’re being ignored. Question: If one is to be ignored, shouldn’t a majority of the world actually ignore you?

In short, I don’t care what amount of gloating you may do if you win on Monday, because you’ve only had to deal with a mild amount of crap.

Anywho, give me your picks: LSU or Ohio State?


3 Responses to “LSU vs. Ohio State”

  1. tidefanintn Says:

    The last argument i heard Herbstreit give (though I’ve been ignoring him for over a week now) was that the underdog has won the championship game something like 6 of the last 7 times or something. Florida, Texas, LSU, Ohio State…all dogs. What they failed to mention is that in each of those cases, the “favorite” was from a weak conference whose status as #1 was largely inflated by beating a poor schedule. Basically, the team from the better conference won. As they will this year. I won’t pick a score, since with these two teams it could be all over the board, but I’m guessing LSU by two scores.

  2. tidefanintn Says:

    correction: it’s 5 of 7.

  3. 3rd Down H-Back Says:

    I got a feeling LSU is going to pull it off. Won’t even be close.

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