BCS National Championship

I’ll briefly update with random thoughts throughout the game.

If you listen to ESPN radio, you get to hear about how poor, poor Ohio State has been overlooked by the media. If you watch ESPN, you get to hear about how poor, poor Ohio State is being overlooked by people, as our resident Big 10 analysts pick tOSU. My pick?

LSU 24, Ohio State 20

I wouldn’t be shocked if Ohio State wins. If they do, it’ll only help to prove how the Big 10 is a two team conference in Ohio State and Michigan.

BTW, why in the world is Urban Meyer there? I know he grew up in Ohio, but this is ridiculous.




LSU’s Defense gives up a 65 yard TD, which means Pelini might have corn on the brain. I’m starting to think that LSU is going to bring their Alabama and Arkansas performances to the game. They might just be used to being physically better than everyone else.

7-0 Ohio State


I am not shocked Ohio State came to play, I am shocked at how poor of a job LSU did in planning for this game. Has “The Hat” lost his mojo? I think I’ll just stop using “UPDATE” every time I type something.

10-0 Ohio State

LSU finally woke up and got a good drive down the field, only to enjoy the aftershock of a busted play or two.

10-3 Ohio State

Well, them Bengal Tigahs have evened things up. Time to see how fired up Ohio State actually is after giving up a 10-0 lead.

10-10 all

It’s halftime, with the score standing at 24-10 LSU. Can the Buckeyes rebound in the 2nd half? Or will this be another egg for Jim Tressel?

It’s only a matter of time before LSU gets their 3rd National Championship. Congrats to the Tigahs. The score is currently 31-17, but that doesn’t reflect the amount of dominating LSU actually did in this game. Just think Big 10 fans, it really could’ve been a lot worse for you.

Final Score: LSU 38, Ohio State 24

The Buckeyes got a garbage TD to make it look better than it actually was. LSU fell behind 10-0, but came back and pounded OSU 38-14. Congrats to Les Miles and the LSU players, you earned it. Sure, you’re the first 2 loss BCS champ ever, but don’t let it get you too down. All you have to do now is withstand the ESPN push for USC to get the AP title.


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