Will We Get Another Spartan Coach?

Well, Ron Middleton has all but left for Duke at this point. He’s got connections to Cufcliffe from his Ole Miss days, and has expressed how much he enjoyed working for him. So, I wish him and his family the best of luck. Middleton leaves big shoes to fill since we set a field goal record and never allowed a TD return all season long.

So where does this lead us in our Special Teams/Tight Ends coaching search? Well, it might be right before our noses in the form of Bobby Williams. He’s currently on the market since Cam Cameron was fired after one season as the Miami Dolphins coach. (BTW, it looks like Saban was right to leave Miami early. They probably would’ve fired him before the end of the year since it’s going to take a huge effort and more patience than is actually available in Miami).

Williams was brought to Miami as a part of Saban’s staff, and he was certainly in a top position under Saban at Michigan State. He’s been a Running Backs coach, but I imagine he could coach the Special Teams fairly well enough. We’ll see if the rumors about Williams are true or not.

(HT: AL.com, USA Today)


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