The Druid’s Five: First Edition

As an Alabama fan, I will always cheer for every single player that puts on a crimson uniform. But, there were five players that really stood out this year for all of the right reasons. For the purposes of this blog (trying to boost my ego) I’ll label my group of endeared players as “The Druid’s Five”. Today, we start with one player that will be grabbing attention for years to come: # 25 Rolando McClain.

This guy was everywhere this season. He first grabbed our attention when he took over the middle linebacker position from Prince Hall, the “QB of the Defense” position as some have called it. What makes this so amazing is the fact that McClain is a true freshman in every sense of the word.

While he and Hall ended up trading the spot a little bit, McClain gave us a great effort throughout the season. He’s a hard worker, an instant leader, and a big body that will hopefully help to plug up our defense for years to come. His latest performance in the Independence Bowl really inspired me as he got an interception and a good number of tackles. The guy also separated his shoulder and broke his thumb…. all in a days work for this future star. I just hope he keeps the injuries down as he continues his career for the Crimson Tide.

Welcome to The Druid’s Five, Rolando. I’ll soon be sending you the financial prize associated with my list. What might it be you ask? $500 cash….. in totally just kidding fake money. Look, I’m not a bank, ok? Besides, we all know what happened the last time a football player got money from a crazy fan. Just keep up the good work big guy.


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