Bill Stewart, Eh?

It was somewhat boring watching the Fiesta Bowl as a neutral party. Still, it was probably the best BCS game to date. I just hope Mangino and Beamer can give us a tight and dramatic game.

Congrats should be offered to West Virginia for knocking Oklahoma on the ground, stealing Bob’s visor, and running all the way back home to Morgantown with a strange gold football held by Bill Stewart.

This is the only time I will ever post this logo

Speaking of Bill Stewart, I personally think Alabama might want to at least call this guy to fill Ron Middleton’s position as the Special Teams/Tight Ends coach, which is the exact same position Stewart held under Rich Rodriguez. Of course, it all depends on if WVU either: A) Hires Stewart as the Head Coach, although he won’t have Rod’s staff like he did this game… or, B) Begs him to stick around in Morgantown for the new coach. I think he would have a solid upside in recruiting since he could point to this Fiesta Bowl.

As for Bob Stoops…. there’s a reason he’s earned the dubious nickname “Big Game Bob”. Maybe BCS stands for “Bob Can’t Succeed”, because it seems that as soon as Oklahoma gets a BCS bid these days, his team automatically gets about 10 times slower.


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