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Good afternoon. Good frigid, totally freezing cold afternoon if you live in the upper half of Alabama.

It’s been said that Alabama Tight Ends/Special Teams coach Ron Middleton may join David Cutcliffe’s staff at Duke. Middleton worked for Cutcliffe while at Ole Miss, so there is a legitimate connection. I hope Middleton doesn’t leave, because our Special Teams were actually pretty solid this year. But, if he does leave, we’ll just have to do the best we can in a coaching search.

BTW, I thought Middleton’s wife was sick, and one of the few places she could receive treatment was in Birmingham, which is a litle over an hour away from Tuscaloosa. But then again, I don’t want to get too involved in the personal lives of our coaches. If he enjoyed working for Cutcliffe and wants to leave for Durham, NC, I wish him all the best.

In other news, Sylvester Croom’s only reason for ever winning anything just left for Fayetteville. Yes, DC Ellis Johnson has joined the Arkansas staff. I really do like you Sylvester, but you have to let go of this West Coast Offense you are running. Sure, this Wesley Carroll kid will have some mild success, but I have yet to see any real improvement out of that offense since you’ve arrived in Starkville. You’re now losing good players on defense and your DC that really got your team on the map with that defense.


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