30-24 Alabama Wins!

We win! Excuse me…. WE WEEEEEEHUUN! That’s more like it.

I almost forgot what this felt like. I gotta admit, even though I am pretty disappointed in the season as a whole, it is a calming feeling to avoid back-to-back losing seasons, something we haven’t had to suffered through in over 50 years. It all comes down to that ULM loss (we played like we did against ULM in the last 5 minutes of the 1st half btw), which really dampened our spirits. If we actually show some mental toughness (which Saban harps on… a lot. Where was that then coach?), we would’ve easily won that game. But such is life. I’ll share my thoughts on this game performance tomorrow.

I do want to give Colorado a big thumbs up for a comeback that was a lateral too short. Dan Hawkins is a solid coach, and I’m pretty sure he will have you bouncing back in no time. I imagine the Buffaloes will win enough games to avoid Shreveport next year, so keep the faith alive citizens of Boulder. I should also say something about Ralphie…. he’s all that AND a bag of chips. Roll Tide and Go Buffs!

We won a punch bowl! HUZZAH!

By the way, I realized that I forgot to give you my pick for the game, which is a pretty ignorant thing to do. Honestly, I predicted Alabama by 3 (I was aiming for 24-21), so a 6 point win should probably make me happy…. I guess. 7-6 isn’t going to win you anything, but it is a positive for the off-season to avoid the stress of a 2nd straight 6-7 season. Plus, we can focus on recruiting, which is looking very promising right now.

(Picture from The Shreveport Times)


4 Responses to “30-24 Alabama Wins!”

  1. crimson daddy Says:

    I know I shouldn’t feel like this, but the anger over letting Colorado back in the game is stronger than the joy about actually winning. Oh well. It is a win. Something we haven’t had in a while.

  2. TideDruid Says:


    I too feel your pain. But, I felt that I needed to avoid any angry posting since it is late at night. That usually leads to me saying something totally pointless and/or strange.

  3. Joe Blow Says:

    “7-6 isn’t going to win you anything…”

    Sure it will…a punch bowl!

  4. Joel Says:

    Yeah you hit the nail on the head about the recruiting….

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